All Fired Up: a Pat Benatar Female Tribute Band

Pat Benatar is a worldwide rock legend, with a catalog of unforgettably iconic songs. Her songs make you sing, dance, and rock out no matter where you are. If you love and appreciate her work as much as we do, you’ll love All Fired Up.

All Fired Up is a female tribute to Pat Benatar band by Pat Benatar fans and for Pat Benatar fans. Like you, we are Pat Benatar superfans. We pay tribute to her by trying to recreate the incredible performance style of this legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee.

At our shows, we faithfully recreate the full experience of being at a Pat Benatar concert — Pat Benatar’s moves, her signature stage presence and looks, and her excellent music. We play Pat Benatar’s top 40 hits and her best work for movies, and so much more.

A Pat Benatar Female Tribute Band

For many women, Pat Benatar is a symbol of feminine power — you can’t help but feel invincible listening to her music. We do all we can to recreate that invincible feeling and hit you with our best shot at every performance.

We are happy to share our love of Pat Benatar on our tours, at festivals, or anywhere you need a band to provide powerful music and a tribute to the iconic Pat Benatar.

To inquire about our tour dates, book a performance, or ask any other questions you may have for All Fired Up, reach out to us here on our website.